Buttons and Chocolate - since 1844!

"I had a dream. I wanted to open the best and most beautiful chocolate store of Vienna..."

Our shop for exquisite chocolates with its original interiors from the 19th century is located behind St. Peter's Church between the Graben and St. Stephen's Square.

"I had a dream. I didn't want to open just a normal chocolate shop like any other. It should become the best and most beautiful chocolate store of Vienna. With this touch of history and atmosphere, not something artificial, not an imitation! It’s my ambition to produce only the best products of the highest standards, using only the best raw materials and offer them together with a portion of love. This asked for a special place with an authentic ambience. As I treat my clients as majesties I see myself as a priviledged purveyor", director Wolfgang Leschanz explains. After the founding of his company, the “Wiener Schokoladen Manufaktur Leschanz”, it took ten years to find a suitable location for such a special flagship-store but eventually Wolfgang Leschanz succeded.

From Buttons to Chocolate!

Erika Frimmel - who managed one of the most famous stores in the first district of Vienna for more than fourty years - was looking for a successor to carry on her life’s work, the “Button King”. Since 1844 buttons of all kind were sold here and until 1918 it was a purveyor of the Imperial Court. In 2004 the store was a showplace with its dark brown panelled counter-shelves and drawer cabinets from the 19th century. But it had little chances to persist if not a miracle would happen. Soon it happened: Wolfgang Leschanz took over the store and preserved the wonderful interieur exactly as it was. Only a glass cover across the Praliné counter was installed for hygienic reasons. Even buttons can be bought at the now named “Chocolate King”, only that they are made of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Edelweiss Chocolate.

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