Further Chocolate Delicacies

„Katzenzungen“, Mozartkugeln, Candied Flowers and many more…

Take a look at our different delicacies of chocolate. Mozartkugeln, “Katzenzungen” or Candied Flowers, we offer something for everyone. In our store in the Freisingergasse an even broader range of products awaits you. By clicking on each picture you will reach the detailed product overview.

Das “Goldene Wiener Herz”
(The Golden Viennese Heart)

Milk Chocolate filled with finest hazelnut brittle. Available with different motives. (Sisi, Franz, Strauss, Mozart and many more.)

Wiener Katzenzungen

Traditional Viennese chocolate specialty. Made of paperthin organic milk chocolate or organic dark chocolate.


Finest hazelnut and almond brittle with pistachio and marzipan core, covered with fine dark chocolate.

Schokoladeknöpfe (Chocolate Buttons)

Inspired by the history of our salesroom, our buttons are cast according to originals from the old „Knopfkönig“ (King of Buttons) and are available in various flavours.

Candied Flowers

Candied Petals (Violets, Roses and Lilac)

Empress Elisabeth used to enjoy this special sort of candy.

"Wiener Leben" Chocolate Sticks

In three different flavours. (Milk-Orange, Dark Mocca, Dark Mint) with old Viennese motives on the package.

Chocolate Caviar

A fine biscuit core covered with dark chocolate.

Chocolate Cigars

Made from organic milk chocolate or organic dark chocolate, filled with hazelnut brittle.

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