In 1995 Wolfgang Leschanz founded his Viennese Chocolate Factory “Wiener Schokoladen Manufaktur Leschanz”. The Wiener Schokoladen Manufaktur only uses the best ingredients and is specialized in high-quality-products.


Almost the whole assortment is handmade in the oldest Viennese industrial park, built in the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It supplies the best houses and cafés, clients like the Austrian National Bank or The Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria.

During the last 15 years the follower of Leschanz’ high-quality-products used to increase rapidly and after the opening of the shop Schokolade König (Chocolate King) in the historic centre of Vienna after the takeover of one of the oldest shops in the city (since 1844) Leschanz could add a unique point of sale to his business which has become an integral part of the chocolate life in Vienna since then, reviewed by newspapers all over the world. Wolfgang Leschanz is an ardent advocate of world famous Viennese craft tradition - a tradition that he has learned by heart in places like the Hotel Sacher and as a long time leader of the world famous pastry shop Demel’s.

Leschanz GmbH | Tel.: +43-1-596-78-77 (Office) | Tel.: +43-1-533-32-19 (Shop)

1060 Vienna, Mollardgasse 85a/III/I

1010 Vienna, Freisingergasse 1

(Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10-19h, Saturday: 10-18h)


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