Fine Organic Chocolate Bars 16g

“Motives from Vienna”

The famous Stephansdom (St.Stephen’s Cathedral), the Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna State Opera are all amongst our old Viennese Motives. If you would like to give away a little piece of Vienna as a special present, then our Viennese motives will be just right for you.

Our delicious chocolates with motives of old Vienna are available as single bar or in a decorative gift package with three, six or nine pieces each. You have a choice of chocolate bars of organic milk chocolate and of organic bitter chocolate. (60x60x5mm)


€ 12,90

Fine Organic Chocolate Bars 16g


(Motives of the provinces)

Besides the motives of the capital we also offer motives of the provinces of Austria. We have chosen the significant landmark of each state capital as motives. If you wish, a certain province can be placed in the middle for you.


The chocolate bars are available in organic milk chocolate and in organic bitter chocolate. (60x60x5mm)


€ 16,90

Chocolate Bars for every Occasion

There are so many occasions when one would like to say something particular. Maybe you will find just the right little chocolate bar to express it in a sweet way.


Little chocolate bars 16g with different aphorisms:


  • Alles Liebe (With love!)
  • Vielen Dank! & Dankeschön! (Thank you very much!)
  • Alles Gute! (All the best!)

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